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Cost always has been a challenging task for any metallurgical industry since it is governed by the many fixed and variable factors. Sustainability of cost component in induction Furnace will depend on:

  • Raw Material input cost
  • Raw Material Mix
  • Tap-to-Tap time.
  • Process sequence
  • Refectory performance

Firstly, raw material cost factor depends on selection of raw material like scrap or virgin type, its availability in the market and their Price will decide the cost of final product. Also, one of the best practices in induction melting of stainless steel suggest that the required raw materials such as low carbon steel or stainless steel scrap, Ferro Molybdenum, Nickel, Low carbon Ferro – Chromium, Ferro – Silicon, and Manganese etc. are estimated in such a way that the final composition is achieved without much refining.

Secondly, process sequence steps such as optimum Tap to tap time also decide the cost of production and its yileld. From the above it is the fact that the product viability of the induction furnace industry is possible only If some cost reduction takes place in the existing.


Argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) Is a process primarily used in stainless steel making and other high grade alloys with oxidizable elements such as chromium and aluminum. After initial melting the metal is then transferred to an ADD vessel where it will be subjected to three steps of refning; decarburization, reduction, and desulphurlzation Modified processes in the form of argon oxygen de -carburizing (AOD), Vacuum Oxygen de – carburlzing (VOD)being followed for production of stainless steel in some industries which is cheaper and also have high rate of production. the ingots are processed further to mill products ranging from bars, flats, rings, sheets wires, tubes and foils.

What is the Price for Stainless Steel Round Bars ?

The above prices for stainless steel round bars are indicative only, for helping our respected buyers to get a general idea about pricing for ss round bars in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. For exact prices, we welcome your inquiries on our email id [email protected] or you can also call us on +919499949357 / +917904606408. Prices for ss round bars in Chennai, are directly linked with nickel prices in the international and domestic market and are subject to fluctuations. We can offer quantity discounts for our customers.

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